The Little Prince

Have you ever read The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery?

We are in love with it and we have a copy of it in every corner of the hostel.


Why do we like it so much?

Because in The little prince there are some fundamental teachings, also useful for those who work in the world of hospitality:



The essential is invisible to the eyes

In the hostel we know many people every day. And knowing one by one these people allowed us to understand that every human being is special and above all different. Each of us carries stories and stories that upset the initial idea that could be made of the person. Behind the shadows there are rainbows!


Details are always fundamental

In a fast-paced world the risk is always that the details fall into oblivion. In the hostel, on the other hand,  every detail really makes the place where we live very important and special.


Be creative as children

In the NGH we strongly believe that creativity is continually nourished because it reconnects us with a vision of filtered private life. For this reason we like to host exhibitions and book presentations. We believe that culture and creativity are a starting point for laying the foundations in a community that knows how to open up to others and based on beauty.


We are made of relationships

We are “social animals” and the beauty of this existence is precisely the possibility of continuously confronting people who see it differently from you. In this mixture of personality there is beauty. In the hostel we daily discover the value of friendship not only among our colleagues but also with the people who choose to live their travel experience with us. And this only enriches us strongly, not in our work but also in our everyday life.