Stars in Milan

If someone ask us when to visit Milan, without any doubt, we will answer “ALWAYS”.

A few days ago, we met Louis at the hostel.

Louis is French. Traditionally, he spends 2 weeks in Milan during the months of August.



Why August?, we asked

Because it’s the moment when the city empties, it almost becomes deserted and that’s when you can really get close to it. You don’t hear the noise of the cars. Everything is less hectic, calm and slow. It is as if I lived in a “small metropolitan city”.



Why do you chose Milan?

Because years ago, for the doctorate I lived for a while in Milan. Initially I wasn’t very sure of my choice. I come from Provence. At home I always heard good things about Rome. My mother was passionate about it. Instead she hated Milan. When I knew that the scholarship assigned to me for my doctorate came from a university in Milan, I was very sad. Then I had completely change my mind.

Milan has a very cultural heart. It hides wonderful places too.



What is your favorite place in Milan?

Surely the astronomical observatory in the Park of Palestro. When I was living in Milan, every Wednesday I went to see the stars from the observatory. I felt a bit ‘at home, as when I stretched out on the green lawn and under the notes of Yann Tiersen I would stare at the stars.