The great mysterious wisteria in Milan

We met Cristina while we were walking through the corridors of the hostel looking desperate for a poster.
Cristina was surrounded by her tremendous amount of luggage, having difficulties to get out of the elevator. At that point we arrived to help her.

I decided to visit all of Europe. I’ll be away from home for two hundred days. I hope to meet new people who make me change my mind about humanity” she told us in a familiar tone.

“Are you Spanish?” we asked her.
“From Granada, to be exact. But I have to take a break from my city. I need to find out new ones. And so, I am starting with Milan. It’s the first time I visit Italy”

“Why Milan?”

Because I need to discover silent beauties.

“My mother lived in Milan for 10 years, before meeting my father and returning to Granada. She always told me that Milan is not the classic city you would call beautiful. But it is made of a different beauty. Milan must be discovered moving away from the usual tourist sites. For example, she told me about an enchanted garden behind the 5 VIE, where the oldest wisteria in the city is hidden. Have you ever seen it? My mother used to say that not even her Milanese friends knew about it “.

After having accompanied Cristina to her room, we sat around for about five minutes and thought:

Do we need an external eye to understand our city?

Do we need travellers like Cristina to get to know better Milan?