A dinosaur in Milan

Have you ever wondered how to find a dinosaur in Milan?


We´ve got the answer!

We met Lorenza during the presentation of the “Manual of the dinosaur conspiracy”.


Lorenza, first of all, is  an illustrator and a cartoonist. She is a great lover of dinosaurs too, infact she decided, with her friends, to illustrate a manual, a bit ‘sarcastic and a bit’ surreal, about the conspiracy and the dinosaurs.



NGH: When was born your passion for dinosaurs?

Lorenza: My passion was born when my grandfather gave me a book, which was about the story of life on Earth until the appearance of Homo Sapiens. Since then the passion for evolutionary biology and for dinosaurs has not left me!


NGH: Which one is your favorite dinosaur?

Lorenza: I will be trivial and I will choose the tyrannosaur. It is the icon of all the nerd culture of dinosaur lovers.


NGH: What is the favorite place in Milan for a dinosaur?

Lorenza: The Museum of Natural History, to explain to the puppies the story and munch on some bone! 


You just have to lose yourself in Milan and go after the dinosaur´s conspiracy!