What’s Humans of Hostel?

Humans of Hostel stems from the need to have a small space, a virtual living room in which to tell the story behind all the people who have experienced the New Generation Hostel world.

We want to talk about travel lovers and their best collection of inspiring anecdotes about their journey.

We will tell you real stories about people who has taken more than three planes and five busses in two days, to arrive for a job interview, and sleep only 4 hours in our hostel.

We will share with you fun facts about those who have spent a whole month in the New Generation Hostel, becoming part of our family, about those who have brought wonderful activities to our spaces.

We will tell you about who presented books, who sang, who learned to laugh.

Students, travelers, writers, dreamers: we will ask all our guests to tell us a little story and we will give it to you, hoping to have you as future storytellers.